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                 Training Availble For  -                                     

                                    - Basic to Advance Excel 
                                    - Report Automation via VBA Macro
                                    - Data Mining through SQL Script
                                    - Working on Databases and tables

                                    - Power BI (Business Intelligence)

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Dial :     (+91) 9818352376

a2zExcel - Online  Interactive Trainings
Advanced Excel, VBA Macro, SQL, Power BI

Training Features -

- Flexible class timings

- Learn while being at home

- Real time interaction between trainer & trainee

- Customized Tailor made courses

- Classes available during odd timings too

Training Modules -

 - Super Advance Excel

 - Automation via VBA Macro

 - T-SQL (writing SQL scripts)

-  Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Training Module and Detailed  Structure

Excel Certification &
Excel based Job Interview

  Reviewing all previous learning and understanding
  Working on doubts (if any)
  Performance checking on various assignments
  Undergoing mock interview session
  Identifying the best way to perform/answer the questions
  Quick tips

Detailed Course Structure

 Stage 1           
 Overview of VBA, its objects, methods and properties
 Stage 2

 VBA Editor Window and the its sub windows


 Stage 3

 How to Records a macro and understand various parts of it

 Stage 4

 VBA Fundamentals and various data types in VBA
 Stage 5
 How to assign a value to a variable and various techniques to call it in  the  program

 Stage 6

 Understanding message box and input box. Various example to use  them  in the program

 Stage 7

 Understanding various types of conditional loops in VBA
 Stage 8

 Understanding various types of Iterative loops in VBA
 Stage 9

 Various controls in User Forms in VBA

Detailed Course Structure

 Stage 1     
 General Introduction about Excel

 Difference between Workbook and Worksheet

 Workbook Sharing and other features of Workbook

 Advanced Features of Excel (Save, Save as, Save & Send, Comments, etc

 Overview of Cut, Copy, Paste

 Overview of Bold, Italtic, Underline, Color (font & Background)

 What is Text Alignment (left, right, canter, Top, Middle, Bottom)

 What is Text Indent

 Different types of Font Type, Font Size

 Overview of Merge & Center

 Stage 2
 Understanding Wrap Text feature and practical usage

 Various types of number formatting, text formatting, Date & Time formatting

 What is Filter and Advanced Filter

 What are freeze panes, types of freeze panes and their practical usage

 What is data sorting

 Type of Data Sorting

 Understanding the concept of Data Validation

 Various types of Data Validation

 Stage 3
 Data Validation (continue)

 Creating Data Validation using external reference and within dialogue box

 What is meaning of sub total

 Subtotal on various data fields and its practical applicability

 What is Group, How Grouping is created

 Practical exposure of Grouping & Ungrouping data set (Rows and Columns)

 Stage 4
 What is Conditional Formatting

 Various types of conditional formatting using practical examples

 Creating an assignment using Conditional Formatting and Data Validation

 Meaning and usage of Name Manager

 Stage 5
 What is Pivot Table

 What is Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

 Exploring the power of Pivot and discovering the advanced features of Pivot Table

 Looking at various formatting options available in a Pivot Table

 Setting the formatting of the data in the Pivot Table

 Stage 6
 Exploring Charts and Graphs

 General Introduction about various types of Charts

 Discovering the practical aspect of various chart types and way to create  them on data set

 Understanding Trend lines and concept of Dual Axis

 Looking the magic of Sparkline

 Stage 7
 General Introduction about formulae

 Various simple functions like  Sum, Count, CountA, Average, Mean, Median,Text, Value, max, min

 lookup functions like vlookup, hlookup, offset, row, column, address etc

 Working on other functions like DSUM, DCOUNT, DAVERAGE, SUMIF, COUNTIF

 Understanding error handling through formulae like If(iserror), If(istext), If(NA) etc

 Working on various conditions in the formule like If without else, if with else, the use of AND & OR operator within If formula

 Stage 8
 A small up and running project on Excel (covering each functionality and formula creation learnt in the overall training)

Excel VBA SQL Online Training